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One Year Later....

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

One year ago I left Amazon Web Services, it was a challenging decision. I loved Amazon, grew tremendously during my 9 year tenure, and most importantly worked with amazing people. When I was leaving I told our team I was moving to a new phase of my life and truthfully I wasn’t sure what that meant. After 20 years of serving amazing customers in Technical Sales I was burnt out and ready for a new adventure. I spent the summer with my 3 boys and love of my life Teresa Reif traveling, and enjoying time off. I worked with my wife to help her launch her Feminine Movement business - Then for about 6 months I did the painful work of not forcing anything. After continuing to learn and grow I started to get educated on passive investing and the power of Real Estate. Thank you to Ruth Hiller for being my first mentor and coach, introducing me to the Brad Sumrok ecosystem and creating an awakening in me for a whole new passion. I’ve committed to that new passion and moving full speed ahead as a Multifamily Real Estate Investor and Syndicator. I’ve learned so much about passive wealth creation this year and I’m excited to share that with others. Let’s Go!

If you are curious please reach out, I’d love to share with you what I have learned.

With Gratitude,

John Reif



Webinar Recording Available Now

Real estate investing can be overwhelming. If I can save anyone frustration by sharing what I have learned so far, I am here. Truth is, I love any opportunity to talk about this industry! On Monday 7/18/2022 we hosted an introduction to Passive Investing in Multifamily Real Estate with 30 people joining live. If you missed it watch the Recording Now! Please use the Passcode: 2&7b2AV$

We would love feedback on the event and to learn more about your investing goals, please fill out this form to share your insights.


Featured Past Investment

Keystone Farms (pictured above) was the second Multifamily Property Teresa and I passively invested in this year. It is a 90 unit class B property built in 1998 with units having a townhome style feel in the hot market of Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is experiencing tremendous economic growth from many industries adding new offices including Oracle announcing its HQ2 and Amazon adding over 5,000 new jobs. This is increasing buying power of tenants with median household incomes on the rise and supply in short demand. The property is closing next week and is already achieving up to 9% above proforma rents on some unit types before implementing the business plan! Connect with me to learn more about how I evaluated this investment opportunity and how you could do the same for upcoming opportunities.

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